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Step 3 : How It Works

Each of our affiliates will get a banner which can be placed easily on his/her Website, or the specific link we supply can be used. With our very reliable affiliate programme, we will clearly identify if a new customer was obtained through your banner or link. The commission will be paid if the new customer came through your specific link and then ordered from our site.

  • The participation in the affiliate programme is free of charge. You don't have to pay anything and can stop whenever you wish.
  • will credit the total commission within two weeks following the month end after the new customer has ordered.
  • The minimum commission we will pay each month is £25. If you havenāt achieved the minimum £25 commission in the month the amount of commission generated will be carried forward into the next month.
  • If a customer returns the goods for credit within 3 months will reclaim the commission originally paid on the sale.
  • If suffer a Īchargebackā from a credit card company relating to any order then any commission paid on that order will be reclaimed.
  • No commissions are missed through our powerful and reliable affiliate program.
  • The commission amount is fixed at 5%. Most other affiliate programmes have progressive commissions, which is a disadvantage to smaller affiliates who only generate a few sales a month. We feel that each generated sale should be rewarded identically, starting from the first one!
  • The customer doesnāt have to purchase immediately via your link to the site for you to earn commission. When a customer places an order our tracking software automatically checks to see if the customer has come to the site via your link within the last 30 days. If they have then you will earn commission on any sale made by that customer.
  • It's very easy for you to get started, just click on the Start Now link, enter your details and select a banner or a link.
  • The banners are even hosted on our servers, you don't need to upload them. We just supply the HTML code so you can easily cut and paste into your Website.
  • You can use as many banners or links as you want to maximise exposure and therefore commission.
  • You can follow the sales you have generated through the statistics available in your own Admin Area

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