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Step 4 : Your Commission

How Much Will I Get Paid For A New Customer?
Join our lucrative affiliate programme on the net today and watch the money come in!

We pay you commission at 5% on the total value of the order.

We even pay you commission on any shipping charges!

How Do I Measure My Site's Performance?
By placing a banner or banners on your website, you can refer customers to us and earn money when they buy from us. Our automated tracking system means you get commission for every new customer that comes to us from your site.

Monitor The Success Of Your Affiliate Site
We give you access to your own secure admin area where you can assess just how effectively your affiliate site is marketing our products.

The table below shows an example of how you can see orders placed via links from your site and the commission they have earned:

Date Trans ID Sale Commission
2004-01-27 12345 544.00 27.20
2004-01-28 12346 239.99 11.99
2004-01-29 12347 299.99 14.99
2004-01-30 12348 778.00 38.90

Sub Total 93.08

Sub Total 0.00

Total 93.08

Start today
You can start as a affiliate today, and begin offering users of your website the opportunity to purchase the most stylish and innovative brands of motorcycle helmets from For full details of rewards and how to obtain links for your website, please click on 'Start Now' below.

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